Guarantee Unbiased Web3 Interactions
One Voice = One Vote.

With Proof of Existence, Every Individual Gets An Equal Opportunity.

- NFT Launches & Token Sales
- Democratic Governance
- AirDrop & Global Whitelisting


Eliminate Value Extraction from your Web3 Existence

Skilled developers and limitless whales should not have unfair sway in your token sales, NFT mints, airdrops, or governance votes. Proof-of-Existence fixes this.

  • Prevent Account Duplication POE acts as a 100% effective “Human Gate,” guaranteeing that every POE-authenticated user represents a unique individual. Sybil attacks are now a thing of the past.
  • POE gives project developers the freedom to place working account limits in place. Bots cannot circumvent these limits, as their exploits require numerous accounts to execute.
  • 100% Privacy Preservation, Guaranteed Proof-of-Existence never records any user information. Biometrics supplied through authentication are immediately hashed and encrypted. No human can ever see that sensitive information. No exceptions.

ABOUT Governor DAO

Your Users

Deserve Better.

Proof-of-Existence contracts never drain users in favor of bots and whales. With billions lost in contract exploits, gas wars, and whale games. This is how we stop that, today.

One-Line-of-Code Integration
Universally Effective Anywhere In Web3
Designed For Maximum Ease of Integration

Empower Your Project

Launch and Protect Growth with Our Proven Technology

Provably Fair Launches
Human Centric Governance
Whale Proof AirDrops
Gas Sensitive NFT Mints


Use Cases

Democratic DAO Governance

Current DAO models minimize the impact individuals as contributors can make in governance. POE allows projects to replace whale and VC-centric unlimited token weight voting with democratic and other capped-per-person voting modules.

One Per Person NFT Mints

Prevent bot flippers and ensure a provably fair, unique distribution at launch. Limit your NFT mints to X claims per person for exclusive collections, gated social clubs, and community giveaways.

Universal BOT Resistance

POE is a universal human gate. Any web3 application becomes bot-proof via POE.

Unexplotable AirDrop Distribution

Every major airdrop is abused by individuals gaming the system to gain an unfair distribution. POE prevents this behavior outright in 100% of situations.

On-Chain Governance Defence

On-chain governance is susceptible to attacks from bad actors amassing enough of the vote to drain treasuries and pass malicious code. POE is 100% effective against this attack vector.

Permissionless One-Line Integration

Our technology exists on-chain. Any developer can gate their smart contract function or web3 login with just one additional line of code to communicate with our tech.


On Major Exchanges Everywhere



GDAO Powers the Governor Ecosystem

  • Ticker Symbol:GDAO
  • GDAO Information:- 3mm Total Supply
    - 100% Circulating
    - No Mint Function
    - Provably Fair Launch
What Is Governor DAO (GDAO)?

GDAO holders own the governor treasury and pass decision-making through governance. Revenue generated by GDAO products buys back GDAO to reward holders and add protocol-owned liquidity.


Frequency Asked Questions

Now that you have been authenticated, head over to the Passport Portal to mint your very own PoE token. Once received the authenticated user can view in-depth “Proof of Existence” statistics. Users can then gain access to our ‘Humans Only’ Telegram Chat by revisiting the Proof of Existence Portal, as well as claim their very own free GDAO Phoenix (must hold 50 GDAO or xGDAO) NFT. and view in-depth “Proof of Existence” data only for authenticated users’ eyes. External perks will come via other project partnerships or anyone who wants to “privilege” and resource authenticated users, including: 

  • – Participation and early access in Incentive Programs (Hackathons,   Trading Competitions, LGEs, Yield Farming)
  • – Token Launches
  • – Airdrops
  • – Analytics/Data/Research 
  • – Pre-sale – Fair NFT Launches
  • – Defi Gaming (play to earn etc.)
  • – Discounts for retail, phone, entertainment, and just about any type of goods or service companies on or off the blockchain
  • – Access to Humans Only Telegram or Discord Chat for early alpha
  • – One Voice One Vote voting in governance structures, polls, or surveys to get the most accurate and fair data – GovernorDAO Snapshot Strategy

Only Minutes! Signing up for your PoE token is painless and non-intrusive, just head on over to the Proof of Existence Portal, connect your Web3 wallet and follow the prompts. Click on our detailed Enrollment Guide for more info.

If there are additional hiccups during verification please refer to our Troubleshooting Guide, make sure to use adequate lighting during biometric recordings.

Governor DAO partners with Finnovant to provide biometric wallet authentication that is 100% anonymous and non-intrusive. When a user enrolls their biometrics, a mechanism encrypts the captured video into a verifiable string of characters resulting in a hash. This hash cannot be converted back to video data. It is a one-way conversion, ensuring your biometric data is safe. No human ever sees face or voice readings. Say-Tec authentication provides the highest security levels, utilizing technology that cannot be predicted, replicated, reused, or replayed. Finnovant & Say-Tec FAQs

We have a broad scope three-step resolution for outlier cases such as this, where we will first verify the owner and second burn the stolen or lost PoE token. The third step is for the user to re-authenticate via the Proof of Existence Portal, as this ensures they can only have one authenticated wallet at a time.


Core Team

Green Jeff (Zane Huffman)
Green Jeff

Chief Finance Officer & Solidity Engineer

Zane has 8 years’ experience in cryptocurrency with a resume that spans numerous projects, news outlets, and agencies throughout the space. Outside of Governor DAO, Zane works as a core team member in a top DeFi protocol. His Governor DAO responsibilities include smart contract development, project planning, BizDev, and communications.

Saad (Michael Saad)
Marketing Executive

Michael is a 17-year Sr. marketing strategist and sets the vision at Digital1010; He also helps support GDAOs efforts in Communication development, business development, and strategy. Michael uses his wealth of experience from working with some of the world’s most iconic brands, including Reynolds America, Snyder’s-Lance, Coca-Cola, and Graco helping to bring go to market and product launch strategies to life.

SideWinder (Michael Side)
Internal Communications Lead & Project Manager

I am known in the community as SideWinder but in the real-world Michael Side, gifted with providing over 25 years of expertise and knowledge in many areas including software delivery pipelines, infrastructure support, Project management and generally an all-rounder with many technical hats. SideWinder is a dedicated member of the team who maintains momentum overlooking current and new initiatives steering into a sustainable workflow which can be planned, prioritised and resourced in order for Governor DAO LLC to evolve organically.

M2 (Michael Schricker)
Marketing Executive

Michael Schricker is a marketing executive with 17 years’ experience. His formal education includes a master’s degree in communication, bachelor’s in advertising and associate’s in media production. His resume includes noteworthy roles such as being the first in-house graphic designer for the Disney Aulani resort, and 8 years working on the Google Maps Street View See Inside project. He considers himself a one-man advertising agency because he has the knowledge, skills and experience to bring marketing campaigns from conception to completion. Michael is most excited about the opportunity to apply his traditional marketing skills to the Governor DAO’s marketing goals.

JonG (Jon Greenwood)
Head of Communications & Community Liaison

Jon Greenwood - known as jgr33nwood in the community. My day to day operations within Governor include communications with our partners and working with the team in an integrations role. I also serve as a business advisor for internal operations. This project has me very excited to be working with such great people and an amazing community that continue to stand behind the project. My ultimate goal is to turn Governor DAO into the defacto standard for governance and DAO implementation.

BTCThiccc (Justin Sikes)
Lead Graphic Designer

Justin is a talented graphic designer with years of experience bringing imagination to life. As a dedicated member of Governor DAO, Justin's work and art has helped eyes across the globe understand the Governor DAO vision. 'I go by Thiccc or BTClookingExtraThiccc as I'm known in the community. I help bring ideas to life, through graphical design.'

FrontEnd Solidity Developer
Lead FrontEnd Developer


Ambassadors (GAMBS)

GDAO Lead Ambassador
GDAO Marketing Ambassador
GDAO Community Ambassador
GDAO Business Development Ambassador




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