Governor DAO announces a partnership with R U Generous (RUG) in a long-term collaborative effort to ensure sustainability and innovation between our two entities.

  • May 18, 2022

The partnership will see R U Generous (RUG) and Governor DAO join forces to help provide RUG with the “creation of a deployment framework for AirDrop functionality and provide governance consultation,”, particularly around their upcoming SIMPLE token launch and corresponding education buildout.

R U Generous is a decentralized reserve currency protocol and DAO available on the Avalanche Network. RUG is currently backed by a strong AVAX and stablecoin treasury, which provides stable backing of the $RUG token value. Initially launched as an OHM-style staking and minting experiment in game theory and coordination, RUG is now focusing its efforts to provide a place to onboard and teach people about web3.

This partnership also focuses on expanding communities – vital to the success of web3. With two up-and-coming DAOs in the space making this long-term commitment to each other, organic community growth and networking move one step closer.

“I am excited to partner with Governor DAO and everybody who we can work together within the space. When combining our individual skills and goals as DAOs in this space we can achieve much more than we sought out to separately. Teamwork makes the meme work”

-Dre, Lead Dev, RUG.

It is the hope of both RUG and GovernorDAO that this partnership will be fruitful and result in the cross-pollination between our communities as we both mature and grow within the DeFi space. For more detailed information about this partnership please view the RUG RIP Proposal here.